A tailored curriculum


CentraleSupélec offers the students the opportunity, throughout their academic term, to build an individual curriculum that best matches their career aspirations and personal projects.


The curriculum is scheduled in eight-week modules as follow:

  • General teaching (mathematics, sciences...)
  • Specific teaching focused on an engineering project

Between these modules, time is devoted to professional projects (entrepreneurship week, corporate games, projects weeks) or to the specialization (3rd year).


A xide range of options throughout the academic term:
  • Specific teaching
  • One semester abroad
  • double-degree
  • Apprenticeship track starting on the first year
  • « dual diplôme » double training at the eleven prestigious partner universities and leading schools.

The training also offers the students the opportunity to customize their curriculum in orfer to enhance skills in fields such as research, entrepreneurship or digital.

new curriculum schema